Can I order the product(s) with different dimension, material or variant ?
We are accept custom products order with different variant, dimension or material, everything wood-local things.

Why do I have to do a “PAYMENT CONFIRMATION”?
Because we will only process your order once we have received and verified your payment.

Can I cancel or modified my order?
You are unable to cancel or modified your order. Please do review your shopping bag first before deciding to purchase.

Why my ordered are cancelled?
Maximum payment will be accepted within 2 days after we confirmed your order. If due to that days we do not get a PAYMENT CONFIRMATION, your order will automatically canceled.

Can I track my order?
We will send you an e-mail to notify you when your order has been done and shipped along by the tracking number. You can contact JNE for further information.

Can I purchase overseas?
Actually we only serve domestic purchase. Yet, we are going to make it happen soon.
Just email us at my.timba@gmail.com if you want to purchase overseas.

Do you have any store?
Currently, we only have an online-based shop.