• Master Craft Story - David Arief Widodo

    March 22, 2017
    Master Craft Story - David Arief Widodo image
    Craftmansip, like other traditional skill, will be wiped away by modernization if there are no regeneration. This is one of our young mastercraft : Mas David. He mastering woodworking and accesories making. He run his own startup "David Craft", offering souvenir for anny occasion, such as wedding, birthday party, etc. Like any other youngster from small town, Mas David also challenge himself and looked for better opportunity in the Capital, Jakarta. He ended up in Pasar Mester, Jatinegara, where he met many souvenir sellers and leanr directly from the market. Saw an opportunity, since he come from Twelagiri, a region in Banjarnegara who produce a lot of wood, Mas David decided to move back home a year ago. He started from collecting tree branch, cut it flat and put some paint to

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