• Master Craft Story - Bowo Priyadi, Banjarnegara

    February 9, 2017
    Master Craft Story - Bowo Priyadi, Banjarnegara image
    Meet our multitalented Master Craft, Bowo Priyadi. We usually call him Pak Bowo. Pak Bowo originated from Banjarnegara, a small town in Central Java. He run his own workshop that looks like a paradise for everyone who love make things: a complete supporting equipment and machinary. From manual, into powertools. Pak Bowo mastering Fiberglass and Epoxy making, woodworking, metalwork, airbrush painting, and oil painting. Yes, since his young age, Pak Bowo love art and spending his highschool era paiting many beautiful mother nature. Pak Bowo currently become our Mastercraft in product development and prototyping. His latest project is improve coffee bean waste from coffee shop. Try to mix it with various material, to develop new environment friendly product. His innovation being

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