• Master Craft Story - Winarno, Jogjakarta

    January 17, 2017
    Master Craft Story - Winarno, Jogjakarta image
    Meet Winarno, our first Master Craft. Coming from Senggotan Jogjakarta, Winarno spent 8 years to master carpentry and woodcrafting. Specializing for small wood waste assembly, he able to produce accessories, furniture, even wood flooring from scrap wood. Our Journey with Winanrno started when we met him at Pasar Rakyat Bantul in 2014. At the time, he represented his village's craftsman community. Because he was the craftsman community leader. Winanrno really passionate in crafting. No doubt, because before he learn woodworking, he spent 11 years in silver jewelry crafting in Kota Gede, Jogjakarta. During the time, Winarno taught himself to study product design by practicing himself in his workshop. This is why, when Timba discuss first ever prototype, the "Woodblock". A

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