Story Of Timba

May 11, 2015
About Timba

Timba produce wooden and bamboo based toy product. We create new design of traditional toy such as: yo-yo, spin tops, kokeshi, catapult, woodblock, and puzzles.

Our philosophy 
For us, design is more than about creating good products. Design is intelligence, interaction, and emotion between human with other human, and the environment. It should accommodate human development and natural balance. The definition keeps our work simply functional.Because we believe that simplicity is the most effective way to transfer knowledge.

Perfection principal of the universe inspired us to design with harmony. Add personal touch in every process to create individual uniqueness for each product.

Our work
Timba is trying to redefine traditional toy and repacked it with elegant and exclusive concept. We want to bring out Indonesian wisdoms in modern approach.

We say that our ancestor create toys not only for playing. They have a huge and deep values are willing to be transferred to the next generation.

Timba tries to extract the good-values and educate people through simply functional toy design.

Socio-economic concept
Timba build a personal relationship with local craftsman in Kasihan, Bantul. Because for centuries this traditional community has been serve Keraton Jogjakarta (Javanesse kingdom) and produce toys for the royal family. The interaction with the sultan made them understand the philosophy and technically able to produce the toy according to sultan’s vision. By having cooperation with this local community we wish that we can learn about traditional toy from the expert to avoid miss interpretation.

We are willing to educate and enrich local craftsman with organization skills, develop their design knowledge and production technique. We wish that they could build a strong organized community to protect them from unfair trading mechanism and from industry exploitation.

We want to show them that a good design can automatically increase economical value of the product. Good product offer more than just a product which attract now days consumer who are sensitive in various issue related to something they owned.

In the future, we wish that this scheme will slowly decrease the gene ratio and reach community welfare.

Environmental concept
Almost 70% of our materials taken from furniture industry waste-wood. Our philosophy on simplicity keeps our products shaped simple which affects on simple production method. This scheme brings an effective production cycle and makes the process consume less energy.

To elevate economical value, we focused on creating well designed product. Because we believe that the process will bring us a strong product knowledge which make the consumer well educated. We want to introduce a new paradigm that economical development are able to be reach without increasing production capacity which means more exploitation to the nature.

The concept keeps us to use natural resources wisely to keep natural balance.